About Us

Our mission 

MacGillis Global Academy is an independent  school online dedicated to bringing high quality and authentic education that inspires students to develop their passions to the fullest extent of their imaginations.

Our motto


“For the love of wisdom”

Our motto expresses our core motivation as a school community: We teach and learn out of our shared love of profound knowledge.  While we are committed to preparing students for future study, we also understand that education is its own reward that can lead to better appreciation and enjoyment of life.

Core values

  • The pursuit of wisdom is an end in itself
  • Respect for self and others
  • Intimate independent school experience

We believe that wisdom is only possible when one has respect for self and others.  We view our learning community as a microcosm of the world in which there are no restraints on thinking.  To achieve this, our teachers create a family-like community in which all ideas are freely shared and discussed without judgment.  Students come to us because they want to engage in intellectual discussion about meaningful topics.  We achieve this by sharing a firm belief in respect for all, including ourselves.

Respecting standards and going beyond 

MacGillis Global Academy is an online independent school dedicated to challenging, deepening and expanding our students’ learning to the outer reaches of their motivation and ambition.  We provide live, remote instruction for all school subjects in grades 6 – 12, as well as advanced courses that are beyond the resources of many physical schools.

As career educators, we understand that some students benefit from remote learning in ways not possible in brick-and-mortar schools.  Our live, engaging instruction and  high-quality curriculum offer authentic, traditional school subjects grounded in the Common Core and designed to promote critical thinking, creativity and resilience.

Understanding that high achievement requires nurturing and support, our teachers not only deliver instruction, but also provide mentorship to assist students pursuing the highest levels of academic achievement.

Our vision

Our school provides an intimate independent school environment in a remote setting. As a parent- and teacher-created school, we are inspired by students who seek the best learning opportunities for their learning styles, disposition and academic dreams.  We are motivated by our love of learning, as expressed by our motto, “for the love of wisdom.” We welcome students who are motivated to learn and aspire to deeply explore their intellectual curiosity.  We embrace diversity and honor differences as they clarify and enrich our understanding of the world.  Our principal aim is to intellectually develop students for further study and the workplace, as well as become informed, open-minded, and respectful members of local and global communities.

What makes us different?

Our instruction is live, enabling us to use the Socratic approach in instruction.  Our curriculum, while grounded in Common Core, is culled from multiple and diverse sources that respect the world’s diversity. We are a teacher-created school that values classical foundation tempered by modern sensibilities to better meet the needs of today’s students. We are committed to providing live, authentic, rigorous and engaging instruction that students can participate in from the comfort of home. We carefully select our instructors from the United States and globally to ensure qualified and passionate instruction. Moreover, all of our educators are passionate learners and teachers and have chosen to  teach at our school because of our high intellectual standards and  the creative instructional opportunities that are available in remote education.

Remote skills for the future

We are sensitive to the needs of young people in our current society to be able to navigate on-camera learning and future work. Beyond our classes, we offer productive and meaningful opportunities for students to interact with one another online, serving to prepare students for both on-camera learning and future work. Additionally, we support our students in learning unfamiliar applications so they benefit from the creative and productive possibilities they provide.