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Based in the heart of California, Only Karz is on an exciting journey that is just getting started. We are committed to becoming your ultimate go-to source for automotive solutions. Our vision goes beyond the present; we aim to build lasting relationships that will span generations, driven by our unwavering dedication to affordability. Our goal is simple: to make Only Karz a household name, accessible to all. We believe in forging a path where quality and affordability intersect, ensuring that every customer’s journey with us is exceptional. Join us on this incredible ride, where the road ahead is boundless, and your satisfaction is our destination.

Created and formed in California, historic journey just beginning. but long term dedicated to be recognized as a go to source, we see achievements obtaining a perpetual relationships with future generations to come due to price affordability, in the end For ONLY KARZ to be ubiquitous.

Lawrence Jackson

Our Services

Car Selling Services


At Only Karz, we specialize in making the car selling experience effortless and rewarding.

Car Rentals Services


At Only Karz, we redefine car rental services by offering top-tier vehicles at minimal cost.

Car Buying Services


At Only Karz, we redefine the car buying experience with our mission to provide unparalleled services at minimum cost.

Vehicle Sales

Vehicle Rental

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer support team.

What is OnlyKarz, and what services do you offer?

“OnlyKarz is an online platform where individuals and dealerships can post their pre-owned vehicles for sale to potential buyers.”

Do you accept trade-ins for vehicles?

“No, we do not offer trade-in services. OnlyKarz is a platform for selling pre-owned vehicles, and the onlyKarz act as a middleperson between the seller and the buyer.”

How can I sell my vehicle on OnlyKarz?

“To sell your vehicle on OnlyKarz, you can register product on OnlyKarz website details and images of your vehicle. Once the listing is live, prospective buyers can contact you directly through our platform to inquire about the vehicle.”

Is OnlyKarz involved in the buying process of the vehicle?

“No, OnlyKarz is not directly involved in the buying process. We act as a middleman, connecting sellers with potential buyers. The actual transaction and negotiations take place exclusively between the seller and the buyer.”

Does OnlyKarz offer vehicle inspections or pick-up/delivery services?

“OnlyKarz does not offer vehicle inspection services. Any inspection or assessment of the vehicle’s condition is the responsibility of the seller and the potential buyer. Additionally, OnlyKarz does not provide pick-up or delivery services for vehicles; arrangements for vehicle transfer are made directly between the parties involved.”

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